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Pascale Stähli, Massage therapist

Pascale kept toying with the idea of training in Thai massage in Thailand. Some time later, she became aware of Californian massage and was deeply touched by the presence and mindfulness of the touch. After an introductory weekend, it was immediately clear to her to trust her inner impulse and she completed the training to become an Esalen Massage Practitioner with passion. During a trip to Southeast Asia, she fulfilled her original dream and completed a Thai massage training course in Thailand. Pascale speaks German and English.

Pascale Staehli Esalen Massage Zuerich.jpeg

Education and training

2021-2022: Training to become an Esalen® Massage Practitioner, Kientalerhof, Switzerland
2022: Training "Professional Thai Massage for Health (165h)", Wat Po and Chetawan Schools, Bangkok / Salaya Thailand
2023: "Foot Massage (30h), Wat Po and Chetawan Schools, Chiang Mai Thailand
2022: "Oil Massage and Aromatherapy (30h)" Wat Po and Chetawan Schools, Bangkok / Salaya Thailand
2022: "Deep Bodywork Beyond the Long Stroke", Kientalerhof, Switzerland
2020: Introductory course to become an Esalen® Practitioner, Kientalerhof, Switzerland


Further experience

2021 - 2022: Assistance with introductory courses to become an Esalen® Massage Practitioner, Kientalerhof Wetzikon, Switzerland

Pascale Stählis massage Approach
For Pascale, the defining characteristics of a soothing massage include presence, slowness in deep work and working with gravity. Mindful yet powerful touches create an intuitive flow in which you can experience moments of peace and deep relaxation. It is important to Pascale to offer you a safe space so that you can arrive in the here and now, perceive yourself in your own body and being and feel the possibilities of letting go, freedom and healing.

"For me, giving a massage is like meditation in motion, "being in the moment", perceiving and responding to what is here and now and what is needed."


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