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Massages for your deep relaxation

The Relaaax practice offers you two massage styles: Californian massage and Ayurvedic foot massage. Both are very well suited to alleviate physical and mental ailments, reduce stress and restore your inner balance.

Californian massage: like the rocking of gentle waves
Massage therapist Gregor Zbinden takes you on a "journey" to the sea. Let yourself go for the time of your Californian massage and enjoy the slightly rocking, wave-like movements that will bring your body and mind back into balance.

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Couple massage / Massage for 2: Side by side
You can also enjoy the Californian massage together as a couple.

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Ayurvedic foot massage: relax from your feet
Not only do our feet carry us through life every day, they are also where all the important energy veins of the body converge. Hand your feet over to the knowing hands of the therapist and let yourself be vitalised "from the ground up".

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