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Anja Rüfenacht
Massage therapist

Again and again and with great pleasure, Anja herself came to enjoy various massages. Through her life partner she got to know and appreciate the Californian massage. This wonderfully mindful and very special kind of massage fascinated and inspired her deeply. So much so that she decided to train as a massage therapist. Anja speaks German and some English.

Anja Rüfenacht esalen Zuerich.jpg

Education and training
2021-2022: Training as Esalen® Practitioner, Kientalerhof, Switzerland.

2022: «Deep Bodywork Beyond the Long Stroke», Kientalerhof, Switzerland

2021: «Deep bodywork on the back, neck and shoulders» at  Kientalerhof, Switzerland

2020: Introductory course for Esalen® Practitioner, Kientalerhof, Switzerland.

Further experience
2024: Participant in the World Championship in Massage, Copenhagen

Since 2022: Massages on weekends in summer at "mar-massagen am rhein", Basel

Since 2022: Massages at various dance festivals in Switzerland and abroad

2022: Massages at the get-to-know-you afternoons at the Kientalerhof, Bernese Oberland

Anja Rüfenacht's massage approach
Her attention is fully focused on her counterpart. In each of her movements, she is guided not only by her skills but also by her intuition. She likes to release tension and blockages with mindful in-depth and detailed work. In this way, her hands find the right way to give you security, peace and deep relaxation. An appreciative attitude is very important to Anja. Her goal is to create a timeless space for you to immerse yourself in for the duration of your Californian massage - to be completely with yourself in the here and now. Enjoy the flowing movements during your massage.

«For me, the Californian massage is like a particularly mindful dance. Like a playful interplay.»

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