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Californian massage
simply unwind

Therapist team will take you on a «journey» to the sea. Let yourself go and enjoy the slightly rocking movements, which are based on the waves and will bring your body and mind back into balance.

Californian massage - also called Esalen massage - is based on the principles of classical massage. However, it is performed much more slowly and gives attention to your whole person. Flowing and long stroking movements from head to toe as well as gentle rocking, slight stretching and joint mobilization on arms and legs enable you to perceive your body as a whole and at the same time allow your mind to rest. The Californian massage is particularly suitable as preparation for extraordinary situations such as performances or important appointments.


The therapist will address your needs: Movement restrictions, tension, pain, pressure, depth.

Effects of the Californian massage
A Californian massage can have many positive effects.

  • loosening of your muscles, tendons, ligaments

  • Release of tensions and hardenings

  • Mobilization of your joints

  • Reduction of chronic pain

  • Relaxation of your deeper lying connective tissue (fascia)

  • Stimulation of your circulation, your metabolism and your lymphatic system

  • Stimulation of the (parasympathetic) nervous system

  • Reduction of stress, worry and tension - e.g. before important performances or appointments

  • Energy boost in states of exhaustion

  • Strengthening of your self-healing powers and your immune system


You will feel balanced and relaxed after the Californian massage.

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