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Ayurvedic foot massage
fleet-footed through life

Our feet not only carry us through life every day, all of the body's important energy veins also converge in them. Hand your feet over to the knowing hands of the therapist and let yourself be vitalised "from the ground up". During the ayurvedic foot massage, the connections from the feet to your vital internal organs such as the heart, brain, lungs, liver as well as to the head, legs, arms and back are gently stimulated.

Tailored to your wishes, the therapist applies less or more pressure during the massage and addresses your special needs - e.g. the treatment of chronically painful areas.

As the therapist gently massages the energy zones and lines on your feet without painful pressure, the metabolism in your body is stimulated. In this way the self-healing powers in your body are activated via your feet. The targeted stimulation of the corresponding energy zone of an organ or body part can release inner blockages, reduce stress and fears and alleviate pain.

Effect of the massage
An ayurvedic foot massage can have many positive effects besides relaxing feet:

  • refreshed, awake feeling

  • reduction of sleep problems, stress and anxiety

  • relief of back pain

  • increase of the general energy level in the body

  • acceleration of digestion

After the ayurvedic foot massage you will feel more lively and light-footed.

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