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Gregor Zbinden
Massage therapist

Gregor Zbinden was already seized by the «massage fever» as a teenager when he attended a classical Swedish massage course with his girlfriend at the time. This passion did not let him go again, so he decided to turn his passion into a profession. Gregor speaks German and some English.

Gregor Zbinden Esalen Massage

Education and training

2015-2017: certified Esalen® Practitioner at The Center, school for Massage and Bodywork Therapy, Zurich

2021: «Deep bodywork on the back, neck and shoulders» at  Kientalerhof, Switzerland
2019: Energetic, ayurvedic foot massage at Paracelsus school, Zurich
2018: «Mastery of Touch» at Deep Bodywork, Germany
2018: «Beyond the Long Stroke: The Integration of Deep Bodywork and Esalen Massage» at Esalen Massage Education Europe
2017: Myofascial techniques at Source Massage School & Bodywork, Ruti Switzerland
2015: Classical massage at Massage School Lake Zurich
1992: Classical massage at SSR, Lugano Switzerland


Further experience
2024: Participant World Championship in Massage, Copenhagen

Since 2018: Massages in summer at «mar-massagen am rhein», Basel
Since 2019: Massages at the world's biggest Swing-Lindyhop-Festival, the Herräng-Dance-Camp/Sweden
Since 2019: Massages at the get-to-know afternoons at Kientalerhof, e.g. at the Open Air Natural Sound, Bernese Oberland

2019: Foundation of the Practice Relaaax in Zurich Altstetten

Gregor Zbindens massage Approach
Gregor is interested in people and their stories. The body of every human being is a book that tells his personal story. Gregor wants to write a beautiful chapter in this story with his sensitive, knowing hands. Filled with relaxation, deceleration, positive energy and good feelings.
His "writing tools" are his reassuring, delicate hands. He works with calm, care and mindfulness in order to relax you as deeply as possible and to give you a lot of energy at the same time.
To continue writing your story, Gregor takes a lot of time. For this reason he accepts a maximum of three clients per day. He pays particular attention to a calm, stress-free atmosphere and a clarifying preliminary talk to clarify your needs.

«I see a massage as a form of wordless communication between me and my client. During the massage, I am completely in the moment: no two massage sessions are the same. With my work I can appreciate people, give them attention and time for themselves.»

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