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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions reach us from time to time. We are pleased to give you answers to make your experience with Massage Praxis Relaaax Zurich as relaxing as possible.

Before your booking

When is a massage not suitable (contra-indications)?

  • During the first three months of pregnancy.

  • If you are suffering from cancer, please discuss with your doctor whether a massage can be performed. The same applies to severe osteoporosis.

  • In case of an acute cold, we do not recommend massage, because it can aggravate the symptoms.

Your booking: explained step by step
Select the type and duration of the massage

  • Please select the type of massage you would like to have in the length you prefer and click on "Book now".

Select therapist

  • Please select the therapist you would like to be massaged by.

Select massage date

  • Today's date is underlined.

  • Available appointments appear in bold in the booking system.

  • Appointments that are no longer available appear in gray.

  • Select the desired time and then click "Continue".

Complete booking

  • Please enter your contact details: mandatory fields are your name and e-mail address.

  • Once you have completed the mandatory fields, you can already book your massage appointment.

  • Optionally, enter your phone number and a comment - e.g. about illnesses.

  • If you would like to receive a reminder SMS 24 hours before the appointment, tick the corresponding box.

  • Once your booking is complete, you will receive an email confirmation with the details of your booking. Please note: If you do not receive an appointment confirmation email within one day, please check your spam folder.

  • If you are unable to attend, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

If you book a longer massage, it will be cheaper per minute.
Californian massage
60 min: Fr. 130.-
90 min: Fr. 160.-
120 min: Fr. 190.-
Couples massage / Massage for 2 (for both persons)
60 min: Fr. 210.-
90 min: Fr. 240.-
Ayurvedic foot massage
30 min: Fr. 80.-
60 min: Fr. 120.-

You can pay the amount for the massage in cash, with PayPal or TWINT after the treatment. Please understand that we do not accept card payments.

Before the massage
Please come to the practice - if possible - 5 to 10 minutes before the massage appointment, so that you can arrive and get changed in peace.


We will welcome you in the treatment room for a brief preliminary consultation.

Where can I leave my clothes and valuables during the massage?
In the Mercure Hotel, where the Relaaax massage practice is located, there is a closet in the treatment room where you can put your clothes. Please also take off your jewelry - especially necklaces and bracelets. Please put your  cell phone on silent and turn off the vibrating alarm.

The massage therapists will leave you alone in the treatment room during this time until you are ready. And come in when you are under the massage sheet.

What clothes do I wear during the massage?
Californian massage: In Californian massage, massage clients are usually unclothed, as this form of massage involves long strokes from head to toe. Your intimate area is always covered with a cloth during this process. We will gladly provide you with disposable slips or you can keep your own panties on - as long as you don't mind some massage oil getting on them.

Ayurvedic foot massage: In Ayurvedic foot massage, the massage clients are mostly clothed. Only the feet and lower legs up to and including the knees are free.

During the massage
What tools are used during the massage?
We use high-quality, pure jojoba oil or. If your skin has an intolerance to this oil, we ask you to note this during the booking process under "remarks". Then please bring your own oil or cream that you tolerate. We do not work with almond oil.

How does the treatment proceed?
During the treatment we talk only the most necessary. This way you can enjoy your massage and relax especially deeply. The deeper the relaxation, the more effective the massage. Please let us know at any time if you would like us to adjust the temperature, music, pressure, etc. or if you would like us to reapply a passage that you particularly like.

After the massage
Can I take a shower after the massage?
Yes, there is a shower at Mercure Hotel. Shampoo/shower gel is also available.

What effects can the massage have on my condition?

  • Due to the general relaxation after the massage, the ability to react may be somewhat reduced. We therefore advise you to reserve some time for yourself after the massage (e.g. take a walk or use the Intoku steam bath (reservation required).

  • We recommend drinking enough water after the massage, because the urinary system is working at full speed then.

  • There may be a rare occurrence of a slight relaxation headache, which will disappear after a while.

  • If a lot of pressure was applied during the massage, you may feel slight muscle soreness for one or two days before the tissue lets go completely.

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