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    Massages for your well-being
    simply unwind

    When was the last time you took time just for yourself? Pay attention to your body and soul with a massage in the Relaaax practice. Massages can contribute to this:

    • Reduce tension - e.g. before an important performance or appointment

    • Preventing burnout

    • Alleviate burdens caused by Long Codiv and ME / CFS

    • Relieve symptoms such as sleeping problems or headaches

    • Release tensions in the back or neck

    • or simply to do something good for yourself


    The therapist team addresses your needs: Pressure/intensity, movement restrictions, tension, pain.

    In the Practice Relaaax in Zurich Altstetten, you will not only slow down for the duration of your treatment. The effect of the deeply relaaaxing treatments will last for a long time.

    Opening hours
    Monday to Friday, 10 - 20 hrs
    Saturday and Sunday, 11 - 18 hrs

    Appointments can be booked online.


    Let yourself relaaax deeply through flowing movements during a Californian massage - also known as Esalen massage.

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    Californian massage

    The Californian massage with its flowing, long strokes accompanies you both to a place of peace and relaxation. You share a space where you experience something special together.

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    Couple massage
    Massage for 2

    Treat yourself to a revitalising Ayurvedic foot massage and then go through life feeling more upbeat.

    learn more

    Ayurvedic foot massage

    Praxis Relaaax

    The attractively designed rooms and the scent of high-quality, organic massage oils in the Relaaax Zurich practice will make you forget the world outside in just a few moments.

    Opening hours & directions

    Therapist team

    Leave yourself in the professional and healing hands of our two massage therapists and give yourself a really unique time-out with a massage.

    Anja Rüfenacht
    Gregor Zbinden

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    You can easily book your massage at the Relaaax Zurich practice online.
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    Gift vouchers
    Give a voucher for a relaxing massage at the Relaaax Zurich practice as a gift.
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